North Shore Insider Tour: Keawe Adventures Welcomes Kalani Chapman

How do you begin to experience the North Shore of Oahu? A place famous for its legendary waves, die-hard surfing culture, and beach town atmosphere. Although the North Shore is widely featured in movies and social media, completely immersing yourself in this culture is the best way to experience the surf capital of the world.

Imagine if you could explore the North Shore like a local. We’ve teamed up with North Shore local and professional surfer, Kalani Chapman for an Insiders Tour of Oahu’s North Shore. Well known for charging monstrous waves at Pipeline- the most famous and dangerous wave in the world- Kalani has taken the surfing world by storm. Kalani grew up surfing at Sunset Beach and has close ties to the local community. Whether he’s out in the water or on land, he is one of the most humble and down-to-earth surfers on the North Shore and is able to create a unique, authentic experience by sharing his local knowledge and experiences with visitors.

To understand Kalani Chapman, I had to get in the water and spend the day catching waves with him on the North Shore. I was headed towards the beach, when I get a call from Kalani. He asked if I was on my way and I could tell, just by his tone that the surf had turned on. It was a 5-6-foot day at Rocky Point Surf Break and Kalani wanted to get a few barrels. I told him I would paddle out to meet him when I got there.

As we pulled up, there were only 5-6 guys on the water, which is unusual when the waves are going off. I paddled out to see Kalani pulling into a barrel. He was on fire, catching wave after wave. He knew everyone in the lineup, shouting out encouragement to everyone around him. Although he is a downright aggressive surfer, Kalani creates a positive, humble atmosphere wherever he goes.

Kalani’s demeanor out on the water sets the tone for who he is as a person. Friendly, helpful, and humble, Kalani is a perfect fit for our team at Keawe Adventures.

It was such a special moment to spend time with this individual, who not too long ago nearly lost his life while surfing at Pipeline. Sitting down with him, it was hard to believe this guy is also a fierce competitor, surfing up against Kelly Slater in the Pipe Masters. You don’t have to know his past to understand who Kalani Chapman is but take a look at some videos of the 20-foot barrels he pulls into at Pipeline. The amazing athleticism of this young North Shore surfer has quickly made him a surfing legend. I was just as stoked to be out there with him as I am to have him joining our team.

Check out our new North Shore Insiders Tour to spend a full day with Kalani Chapman, catching waves and exploring this iconic beach town. Learn the history of Waimea Bay, grab lunch at the World-Famous Shrimp Trucks, or take a leisurely ride down the North Shore bike path. With his local knowledge and personal experiences, Kalani will give you an all-access, backstage pass to Oahu’s North Shore.

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