The Small Group Tour Advantage

Enjoying the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum with the Family

Many of the tours available in Hawaii cater to larger groups, which may leave you fighting for space as the group piles into the bus. Large group tours have unavoidable delays between activities, precious time spent waiting for the group to assemble or disembark. In a large group, you miss out on the opportunity to establish a personal connection with your guide and are left essentially paying for an over-priced transportation service.

At Keawe Adventures, we offer small group tours of Pearl Harbor and the Island of Oahu that accommodate groups of 8 individuals or less.

Although some of our vehicles can fit 14 people, we are adamant that comfort is a top priority, which is why we limit our tours to just 8 individuals. We invite you to stretch out, get comfortable, and enjoy the views. We don’t want you to miss a thing. Our small tours guarantee you won’t be fighting for window space in our luxury vehicles.

Limiting our tour size to 8 individuals allows us to create a more intimate experience with our guests. Our expert team of local historians, veterans, and professional guides are passionate about sharing their knowledge. In a small group setting, they are able to add more information, humor, and personal-touch to their tours.

While we are happy to accommodate larger groups upon request, the majority of our group tours are small. This allows us to focus on creating the best possible tour experiences. Our tours are designed to be engaging, efficient, and entertaining because we believe establishing personal connections is the best way to create meaningful memories.

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