Traveling to Pearl Harbor With Kids


The Island of Oahu offers a spectacular range of activities for families with kids of all ages. However, the majority of group tours in Hawaii are between 10 – 11 hours long. This can be challenging for parents traveling with younger children, as these long tour hours often lie beyond kid’s attention spans. Attractions like Pearl Harbor can seem especially intimidating to parents worried that their children will lose interest.

Keawe Adventures offers shorter tours for the best way to effectively experience the island without the long hours. You shouldn’t have to spend your vacation time waiting in lines or sitting on a bus waiting for the rest of the tour group. Our tours are designed to be more engaging for families with younger kids by allowing them to explore and ask questions with their tour guides in a small group setting.

We offer a number of tours ranging from just 3 hours to full days packed with island activities. Our tours allow you to skip the lines and long wait periods. Forget about waiting for the tour bus to make 10 more stops before getting to your destination. We will pick you up from your hotel and take you directly where you want to go. Even better, we can adjust to your schedule and help you plan the day’s activities.

Booking a private tour is the best way to fit in a full day of activities, while still saving money. Longer tours with big groups have unavoidable time spent waiting in lines or waiting on transportation, which you end up paying for. A shorter, more direct tour means you are getting quality tour time with no money wasted.

Our goal is to provide you and your kids with an entertaining and engaging tours that will allow you to make the most of your vacation. Spend more time exploring with your kids and less time waiting in line. Keawe Adventures will allow you to discover new sites and still be back in the hotel swimming pool in no time at all!

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