Discover The Rich History of Oahu

With only 4% of Oahu developed, 96% of the island remains free from the urban sprawl. Hawaii is home to over 1.4 million individuals, with the majority of the population centered in Honolulu. Within the city lies Hawaii’s heart of tourism, Waikiki, known for its popular surf beaches, shopping, and nightlife.

On our Island Tours, you will see the landscape change from downtown sky scrapers to lush jungle and untamable mountains within minutes. Uncover the dynamic history of the island while exploring the most breathtaking sites the Oahu has to offer.

The Koolau mountain range runs up the Eastern side of the island, blanketed in dense jungle. These towering mountains and steep cliffs seem impassible. Yet, at a lower rising area of the Koolau mountains lies the Nu’uanu Pali, which connects Honolulu to the Eastern Coast.

Positioned on a cliff off the Winward side of the Koolau mountians, the Pali Lookout offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the coastal area below, including Kaneohe Bay and Kailua. This site is rich in both natural and military history, as well as cultural significance. Since ancient times, the Nu’uanu Pali has served as a vital connection between the Winward and leeward sides of the Koolau mountains. It is here that the bloodiest battle in Hawaiian history was fought, as King Kamehameha lead his warriors in a battle against Chief Kalanikupule’s men, forcing them to leap from the cliff to their deaths below.

The Nu’uanu Pali is a perfect example of how Oahu’s natural landscape shaped the historical development of the Island. Each location in Hawaii is unique with beautiful scenery and untapped history, just waiting for you to uncover these hidden discoveries.

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Your Guide To Booking Tours Online

Booking your Pearl Harbor tour online can be challenging. From choosing the right website to assessing the quality, you can quickly become inundated with information.

After 10 years of running our business, we are focusing more on our web presence. The majority of our tours are booked by individuals who are referred to us by friends or other local businesses. Because we saw a dip in the 2018 high-end market for a variety of reasons, hurricane and volcano included, we have evolved as a company by making our tours more available on different platforms.

After a simple web search of companies offering private tours to Pearl Harbor, I was pleasantly surprised to see Keawe Adventures on the front page. I also noticed a handful of other sites that are 3rd party booking sites, rather than tour operators. We use 3rd parties ourselves, partnering with TravelShack to book our group tours.

One quick search for ‘Pearl Harbor Tours’ results in a barrage of listings from tour operators and 3rd party sites that can be confusing to navigate. Here are some tips to help you in your quest to find the perfect Pearl Harbor Tour and all the right information.

  1. Identify the official websites for each attraction at Pearl Harbor.

To gather all of the correct information, you will want to first look at the official websites for each Pearl Harbor Monument. While they are all encompassed under the Pearl Harbor Park, each monument is a separate entity, including the Arizona Memorial, USS Bowfin Submarine Museum, USS Missouri, and Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. Each monument has their own set of rules and policies. For example, children under 4 years are not permitted on the USS Bowfin Submarine, however they are allowed at other sites. My kids (age 2, 4, and 6) personally enjoy the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum the most. You may want to consider these factors while deciding which sites you want to visit.

Each site provides information on tickets and other services they offer. If you are booking through a tour operator or 3rd party site, tickets will often be included in the price and secured for you prior to the tour. However, if you are planning on visiting the park independently, each site requires a ticket for admission, which vary in price.

It is also worth noting that all sites within Pearl Harbor have restrictions on bags or other items that may provide concealment. Because Ford Island is an active military installation, bags are not allowed within any vehicle entering the site. Being aware of such policies is vital to properly planning your visit and avoiding any unanticipated situations.

Below is a list of official websites for each Pearl Harbor museum or park.

  1. Know the difference between tour operators and 3rd party booking sources.

Tour operators partner with 3rd party booking sites to market and sell their products on a larger platform. Third party booking sites can provide easy organization and marketing tools, as well as a simplified e-commerce interface, making it easier for you to receive direct confirmation with all the appropriate information in one place.

We partner with TravelShack to book our group tours of Pearl Harbor and the Island of Oahu. Their clean and simple website provides guests with an efficient way to gather information and book their tour. TravelShack helps us create a user-friendly guest experience, so we can focus even more on the logistics of planning exceptional tours.

Check out our tours on TravelShack’s website here.

It is often possible to book tours directly through the tour operators, yet sometimes it is a more viable option to book with a 3rd party agent. It is always a good idea to cross check the 3rd party booking site with the company they are representing. This way, you can trust the service you are purchasing is legitimate and worth your time.

When in doubt or overwhelmed, it never hurts to reach out directly to the tour operator to answer some of your questions. At Keawe Adventures, we pride ourselves on offering our personal touch to every tour and we are excited to help you plan your adventure.

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The Small Group Tour Advantage

Enjoying the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum with the Family

Many of the tours available in Hawaii cater to larger groups, which may leave you fighting for space as the group piles into the bus. Large group tours have unavoidable delays between activities, precious time spent waiting for the group to assemble or disembark. In a large group, you miss out on the opportunity to establish a personal connection with your guide and are left essentially paying for an over-priced transportation service.

At Keawe Adventures, we offer small group tours of Pearl Harbor and the Island of Oahu that accommodate groups of 8 individuals or less.

Although some of our vehicles can fit 14 people, we are adamant that comfort is a top priority, which is why we limit our tours to just 8 individuals. We invite you to stretch out, get comfortable, and enjoy the views. We don’t want you to miss a thing. Our small tours guarantee you won’t be fighting for window space in our luxury vehicles.

Limiting our tour size to 8 individuals allows us to create a more intimate experience with our guests. Our expert team of local historians, veterans, and professional guides are passionate about sharing their knowledge. In a small group setting, they are able to add more information, humor, and personal-touch to their tours.

While we are happy to accommodate larger groups upon request, the majority of our group tours are small. This allows us to focus on creating the best possible tour experiences. Our tours are designed to be engaging, efficient, and entertaining because we believe establishing personal connections is the best way to create meaningful memories.

Experience Pearl Harbor With An Expert

Planning your trip to Pearl Harbor can seem overwhelming if you are not sure what to expect. Visiting the park with a tour guide not only eliminates the stress of planning but will enhance the overall experience. There is a wide range of tour options available in Hawaii, but the quality varies. A good tour guide brings history to life, which is why Keawe Adventures proudly employs an expert team of veterans, historians, and professional guides who are passionate about their craft. Our team’s expertise and personal attention to detail guarantees that we have the best Pearl Harbor tour guides in Hawaii.

With over 1.6 million people visiting Pearl Harbor each year, it is one of the most iconic spots in Hawaii. Pearl Harbor consists of four sites, including the Arizona Memorial, USS Bowfin Submarine, USS Missouri Battleship, and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. Each of these sites are unique to one aspect of the United States’ involvement World War II and contain a wealth of knowledge.

Visiting Pearl Harbor on your own is possible but will limit your experience in terms of time and information. Planning your visit can prove to be difficult, as it involves navigating how and when to purchase tickets, as well as determining how much time you will spend at each site.

The most popular site at Pearl Harbor, The Arizona Memorial, requires tickets for admission. If you plan to visit on your own, you should reserve tickets online at least two months in advance. The tickets themselves are free but will cost $1.00 to reserve online. If you are unable to secure tickets prior to your visit, walk-up tickets are still available on the day you arrive. However, it is best to arrive as early as possible. The Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Center opens at 7am and it is not uncommon for individuals to begin lining up at 6:30am. You may receive a ticket time for much later in the day and be stuck waiting for hours.

If you visit Pearl Harbor with our tour guides, the tickets will be secured for you ahead of time. We will plan your visit, so you are not wasting time standing in lines or waiting to view the Arizona Memorial. Our guides can expertly adjust your schedule, which allows you to spend the right amount of time at each site.

As with any museum, there are informational displays placed throughout the park explaining the events of Pearl Harbor. There are also narrated head-set tours available for an additional cost. Both are informative but limit the amount of information you are able to absorb. If you are traveling with kids, they may easily lose interest and want to move on to the next attraction. There is a lot to see at the park and it may be easy to overlook the details and quickly move to the next monument that catches your eye.

When you visit Pearl Harbor with our guides, they will bring history to life in front of you. Our expert guides can point out small details and artifacts that you may overlook. This knowledge allows you to view the area with a different set of eyes and emotions that you cannot get from a headset or reading a display. By setting aside those distractions, we can fill your day with historical information, personal experiences, and an in-depth knowledge that can only be learned over time.

Exploring Pearl Harbor in a small group tour is the best way to make sure your visit is engaging, informational, and time efficient. Our guides will enhance your visit by painting a vivid picture of the events leading up to the attack. We will set the world stage and explain how each country’s ideas and agenda contributed to the events of World War II. Our goal is to help answer the ultimate question: Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?

Our small group tours allow you to ask questions and get to know your tour guide. The experience becomes more personable and conversational, allowing you to fully understand and explore the park.

Pearl Harbor is more than a historic site. It is an intricate story of courage, personal sacrifice, and national freedom. The experience you have at Pearl Harbor depends entirely on how you plan your visit. The park is overflowing with history and emotion that are enhanced by the presence of an expert guide. With Keawe Adventures, you will create meaningful memories and expand your knowledge of world history. It is through these personal experiences that the history of Pearl Harbor is preserved.

Before planning your trip, click here to meet our expert tour guides.


Traveling to Pearl Harbor With Kids


The Island of Oahu offers a spectacular range of activities for families with kids of all ages. However, the majority of group tours in Hawaii are between 10 – 11 hours long. This can be challenging for parents traveling with younger children, as these long tour hours often lie beyond kid’s attention spans. Attractions like Pearl Harbor can seem especially intimidating to parents worried that their children will lose interest.

Keawe Adventures offers shorter tours for the best way to effectively experience the island without the long hours. You shouldn’t have to spend your vacation time waiting in lines or sitting on a bus waiting for the rest of the tour group. Our tours are designed to be more engaging for families with younger kids by allowing them to explore and ask questions with their tour guides in a small group setting.

We offer a number of tours ranging from just 3 hours to full days packed with island activities. Our tours allow you to skip the lines and long wait periods. Forget about waiting for the tour bus to make 10 more stops before getting to your destination. We will pick you up from your hotel and take you directly where you want to go. Even better, we can adjust to your schedule and help you plan the day’s activities.

Booking a private tour is the best way to fit in a full day of activities, while still saving money. Longer tours with big groups have unavoidable time spent waiting in lines or waiting on transportation, which you end up paying for. A shorter, more direct tour means you are getting quality tour time with no money wasted.

Our goal is to provide you and your kids with an entertaining and engaging tours that will allow you to make the most of your vacation. Spend more time exploring with your kids and less time waiting in line. Keawe Adventures will allow you to discover new sites and still be back in the hotel swimming pool in no time at all!