Surf Board Central


Today, I am literally surrounded by surfboards!  I am cleaning them off so that our guests can enjoy them this afternoon.  It is an absolutely gorgeous day.  It’s around 84 degrees with a light breeze that fills the air with the scent of plumeria and pikake flowers.  The sky is so blue and little puffs of white cloud gently float by…it’s the kind of Hawaii day where you just can’t wait to go to the beach!

It is overwhelming sometimes when you think of the amount of equipment needed for a fun outing at the beach.  For an afternoon of surfing you would need to travel with a surfboard, straps for the car, wax, sunscreen, rash guards, hats, GoPro…the baggage fees would be enormous!  Thankfully, Keawe Adventures is a full service company and with one phone call you can book an all inclusive customized tour in which every detail is accounted for.  You can rest easy at your hotel and let us pick you up in style with all of the equipment needed for an incredible time in the water.


It is a great day to load the family up and head off to the rugged beauty of the North Shore or the gentle waves of Waikiki or perhaps a unique look at the country side in Makaha to the West…our guides are experienced surfers, fishermen and swimmers and they know all the best spots. I have many favorite spots! There is a special place where you can go surfing and then swim out behind the break and to the left and find some amazing caves and coral filled arches…but that is another story…

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