Whale Wandering

Whales, Kohola in Hawaiian…graceful creatures…swimming, slipping quietly to the bottom of Hawaii’s warm waters and surfacing for air – spouting spray forcefully from their blowholes…whales were NOT what I expected to discover when I took a drive to Oahu’s Holona Blowhole Lookout.  I expected to see a few lava tubes and rocks but what I ended up discovering was so much more.

Holona Blowhole Lookout was named after the large amount of whales that congregate in the immediate area.  Humpback whales enjoy the cool waters near Alaska during the summer months then travel 3,000 miles to Hawaii’s warm waters to nurse their young during the winter.  Whale season is typically late December through early May and Halona Blowhole Lookout is one of the best places on the island to spot them.

It is a divinely beautiful place to pull off the road after passing Hanauma Bay.  The road winds around Oahu’s scenic coastline where you can stare in awe at the beautiful navy and turquoise sea that seems to stretch out forever…seemingly to eternity – which is the appropriate name for the adjoining beach: Eternity Beach.  Eternity Beach is a small cove of golden sand.  Acclaimed movies have filmed in the area, most notably the film ‘From Here To Eternity’, an Academy Award winning movie that won eight Oscars in 1953.

Hawaii’s waters are filled with vibrant sea life and while Holona Lookout is a sanctuary for majestic whales, it is also home to tropical fish, endangered monk seals and Honu.  Honu is Hawaiian for turtle. Because of the Hawaiian’s hard work and dedication to protecting marine life, the Humpback whale population is thriving…so much so that they might be getting off the endangered species list soon!

Walking around, hair whipping in the strong winds, I marvel at the face of the jagged black rocks that cut sharply into the swirling ocean.  Lava rock is abundant and the ocean pushes its way into crevices and holes, waves splashing up and yes…if you watch patiently…you will see a gush of water that flows through ancient lava tubes burst into the air exactly like  whale’s blowhole!

While I have yet to swim with a whale, i have been fortunate to swim with pods of dolphins out in the wild blue sea…but that is another story…

-Meredith Novack


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